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When hail happens, we're here to help

Captain Dent is Northwestern Pennsylvania's only hail repair specialist with over two decades of nationwide experience in catastrophic storm response. We work with all insurance companies and local repair shops to provide our customers with the best in service and repair. 

Hail happens, and when it does it can be a confusing and frustrating process. At Captain Dent, our goal is to not only return our customer's vehicle to pre-loss condition but to simplify the repair process. We strive to be the "problem solvers." Whether it's answering questions, demonstrating the repair process or assisting with transportation, we are committed to going the extra mile for our customers. 

My car was hit with hail, now what?


Contact your insurance agent. Since hail damage is covered under most comprehensive insurance policies, filing a claim promptly is the first important step in the repair process. This is also a great time to take pictures of the damage for your records.


Get a hail damage estimate. Some insurance companies  require that an adjuster do the estimate by appointment or drive-through. If your insurer does not require an adjuster estimate, contact your local hail repair specialists to schedule an estimate. At Captain Dent, estimates are always free and take about thirty minutes to complete. 


Choose your repair facility and schedule your repair. Per  the law, you are free to take your vehicle to the repair facility and company of your choice. Once you've made your selection and scheduled your appointment, inform your insurer for payment purposes. This is also a good time to schedule a rental car if needed.


Drop off your vehicle for repair. Most hail repairs take two to three days depending on the severity of damage. After the repair is finished and you have inspected your vehicle to ensure completed satisfaction, insurance payment and deductibe will be collected. At Captain Dent, all repairs are guarenteed. 

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