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Repair Possibilities

Dent &



Dents happen.

From a run in with a grocery store shopping cart to the kids playing baseball too close to the car, at Captain Dent, we've seen it all. And we've fixed it all, too!  Dents, dings and even minor creases with no missing paint are usually great candidates for PDR.


Wondering if PDR is your best repair option? We are always happy to evaluate the damage to your vehicle via text message. Simply text your name and picture of dent or ding to (814) 838-8577. 

Hail Damage 


Repairing hundreds of dents on a hail damaged vehicle is a unique skill set and one that the Captain Dent team has been perfecting for over twenty years. 

PDR is the preferred hail repair method by both insurance companies and customers because of its cost and time benefits. In most cases, your hail damaged vehicle will be repaired and returned to you within two to three days. Click here to learn more about Captain Dent's hail services. 

Motorycle Tanks 

The metal on motorcycle tanks is quite a bit tougher than the metal on a car which is why many PDR companies won't touch them. But not at Captain Dent!


Thanks to specialized tooling specifically designed for motorcycles, we are able to make those unsightly tank dents a distant memory.  Repair cost begins at $100.00 and requires that the tank be left with us for at least two days. Winter time, when the motorcycle is garaged, is a great time to bring in your tank for repair.

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